What have you done for me lately?

Being able to monetize or throw meaningful metrics at a deployed (or better yet) proposed project is a luxury that should be a staple in most organizations. I find myself defending technology on a daily basis and repeating the mantra of one of my favorite CRM cohorts, “You can’t automate your way out of a bad process”.  Poorly scoped inherited projects handed over with little or no documentation are the norm in the ready, FIRE, aim! workplace and I gotta lament that those inherited bottlenecks are doing wonders for my insomnia.

Now, I love a puzzle as much as the next CRM / Process geek….but at times the “hurry up and deploy, we’ll fix it later” double-edged sword really gets me down. Doing  the right things in the right way is usually perceived as slower and more often than not actually the complete opposite with less man-hours invested, much less heartache for the client, added value for the customer (and ain’t that the whole deal,  really?), and the dev / ops team knows what was rolled out and how to support it. Well.

Corporate America, I love you! You’re getting scrappier and hungrier as a by-product of our global crisis. But I’m offering you this unsolicited advice: think it through before you demand it done. You’ll like the results, I promise. And plus, if everyone in my team gets hit by a bus (hb2) , a new team will be able to come in and pick up where we left off without so much as a hiccup.

Trust me, CA, it’s the only way to REALLY get where you’re trying to go.


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