It’s Good To Be The King (so I’ve been told) Dreamforce 2009 Edition

Well, Marc Benioff is the KING of CRM. I mean, we knew that. CRM Magazine this month is essentially devoted to, Marc B, and the Cloud. So I know that the world is into this stuff.

But at home, in my organization, we’re struggling with embracing best practice from the top down and this year my mind is reeling with the “how do I overcomes” and the “how can we prioritize when every project is vital-s”.


So here’s the rub: I love this stuff. You know I do. For no damn good reason other than passion I’ve devoted my brain power, sweat equity, sleep-time, and creativity to the idea of enterprise-wide CRM for oodles of years. So failure (which is anythin less than resounding success) is not an option.

I am here to win. My team is being raised up to SLAY our competition, wow our clients, and offer our current and future customers a service and sales experience that will continue to set up apart as the best at what we do.

So why are so many of our user groups not happy? This week, I’ll be mini-blogging my heart out to finally examine this question and framing up the answer – whatever it may be. This is a pre-post to a series of honest ramblings, it’s the only way I’m going to get it done and I do feel it’s gotta be said. Let the chips fall where they may and my hope is that I emerge cleansed and revitalized and creatively poised to astound our customers.

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