On the road to ….


Well, all things being cyclical, it’s bound to happen. But as the spring of a new economic fertility begins to awaken, I find myself wondering: how will my organization retain market share? Actually, the real question is:  how will we continue to dominate as our competitors begin to become stronger?

We spent more than two full years paying (so much more than) close attention to efficiencies. Really working to talk to our prospects and customers in a targeted and meaningful way. And we’ve made headway and learned a lot. Now, as the US economy starts to shimmy and shake, we’ve got to somehow stay lean and mean and GREAT and focused.

I just realized I’m posting another Eye of the Tiger entry.

Generally, as my group supports APAC as well as domestic efforts, I’m really aware of the shift of the financial tectonic plates. That which we relied on heavily in APAC to thankfully sustain us through the dark days is no longer really doing the trick. We’re going to enter the APAC version of “trim the fat, watch your costs and stay clear of weak links”. I don’t know what that’ll look like for the region, but this whole process is fascinating to be sure.

So, now what? We’re still coming together and Henry Ford said it PERFECTLY:

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

 Our arsenal is terrific, our beleaguered team talented, and our offerings are really, really fabulous. My personal challenge is to start at the beginning (again). I have work to do on building relationships and improving  communications with my key colleagues. Most likely, this is the single most important effort I can make to improve my team’s contributions to the company. I’m dedicated to building (very wide-span) bridges as a priority.

Those are the bridges that will bring us closer together, keep us in touch, and add dramatically to our success.


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