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MAY is focus on Metrics Month

Oh Deer“Metrics Month” … Does that sound boring?

Well, it shouldn’t. For social / digital practitioners, being able to show the “so what” should be a driving, unflappable, and overarching focus. Yes, yes…being able to do so justifies your existence (for one). But more importantly, it gives your organization clear direction on room to grow, informs your iteration planning, and places the expectation that your efforts must drive impact – and that you’re not afraid to pony up the proof.

I’ve been running around these United States all year talking the #SocialGood talk with customers, analysts, and colleagues – anyone who will listen, really….and here’s the theme: how do we measure the IMPACT of social? I really like the Mobilization Lab post week about moving #BeyondVanityMetrics which is focused on a plan of action for those of us interested in more than Likes and follower counts (and that should be ALL OF US *ahem*).

To that end, I’m spending time working with customers – a ton of them – focusing on why measures matter. For homework, I’ve highly recommend they read the Mobilization Lab piece. You should, too. And think all the while about your currentHi Mom social metrics – and what value knowing the measures delivers to your impact capabilities. If you’re thinking right about now, “What measures? What report?” know that you’re 1) not alone and 2) out of time.

Until then, please share this post, the MobLab post, follow MobLab on the Tweets, and say hello to your Mother for me. 

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Did I mention I…

Did I mention I love this stuff?

I woke up this morning with this thought in my head: My. Job. Is. AWESOME. I get to play with the coolest toys, help amazing companies be even more amazing, and learn something new every day. Life is GOOD. 

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March 28, 2013 · 9:36 am

Did You Need One More Reason to Get Hyped About Dreamforce To YOU – Florida 2012? You’ve Got It!

We’re breaking out the big guns this year: MVP-led sessions, content galore … and TWO community members will win Dreamforce Global Gathering conference passes. I must say: that’s #AWESOME! Thanks to the rest of our incredible Event Team for their tireless work – working alongside you is a true joy. I can’t wait for Dreamforce to YOU – Florida!

Dreamforce to You - Florida!

Are you STILL on the fence? 

We’re so excited to tell you that two (VERY LUCKY) Dreamforce to YOU – Florida attendees will win a conference pass to this year’s Dreamforce (’s AMAZING Global Gathering) courtesy of our Platinum Sponsor, Silverpop. Yes, that’s right! We’re giving a conference pass to the Global amazing-ness that is DREAMFORCE (‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ here aren’t really considered over the top) to two of the Cloud enthusiasts attending Dreamforce to YOU – Florida. Of course, there is some fine print, but all of it is created to ensure we’re sending the folks that this event is intended to support – our Florida Community.

You may be asking right about now: “How do I win?” 

That’s a fair question. You get a ticket to Dreamforce to YOU – Florida and show up on March 31. That’s about it. So long as you are eligible to win, you’ll be automatically…

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Honestly, I consider this a HUGE Coup! Can’t wait to see @MikeGerholdt and @SteveMoForce in action at DF2UFL.

Dreamforce to You - Florida!

We’ve been dying to spill the beans (and now we can)!

Want Another AWESOME reason to attend Dreamforce to YOU – Florida? No problem! We’re announcing today that two Salesforce Community Rock Stars will be making the journey to join us, share their wisdom, and generally inspire the Florida User Group Community to continue to evolve.

Meet our Guest Speakers: Mike Gerholdt and Steve Molis 

About Mike

Mike Gerholdt  (@MikeGerholdt) is the CEO of ButtonClick Media and Manager of Social Enterprise for one of the largest educational companies in the United States. He is a Certified Developer who is responsible for developing their social business properties to facilitate online interactions with individuals in target audiences. Mike’s popular blog, ButtonClickAdmin, is geared toward those of us stuck between the uber coders &  users who can’t log in.

Mike brings his passion for social enterprise technology and experience in communication…

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What’s the Opposite of Conflict? Communication.

I was sifting through some blast-from-the-past project management coursework and I stumbled upon a note I’d taken on a ubiquitous 3×5 card. It read: Conflict is 80% miscommunication.

I wrote this note to myself at the time because it resonated strongly with me. Fast forward to today and miscommunication is the wrinkle that stands between the ability making the numbers and smashing them. In that wrinkle you’ll find reduced efficiencies, limitations for clear analysis, and missed opportunities for customer engagement. All of which all boils down to a reduction in revenue realized. In that wrinkle, the depth of our customer relationship is defined.

This post is the first in a series covering the idea of Communication as a revenue generation tool and brand differentiator. In this post, I focus on the customer experience as it is tied directly to effective connection with the service / product / or brand. In upcoming posts, I’ll turn that around and focus on the exciting customer-driven communication as a channel, and then move to internal communications and finally will cover some very exciting tools that are available to cultivate this communication.

Communicating well with your prospects and customers is about connecting with them. You can’t misfire, ignore the misfire, and expect your customers to have faith in you or to promote you. The trust we all work to build can be broken by a missed opportunity to do the right thing, offer a targeted message, be human. I have a loyalty to Delta Airlines that spans years. Last week, it took me 14 hours instead of 4 to fly home from Boston. I had to take an additional flight – almost had to take 2 additional flights – and had literally hours of confusion and frustration as I tried to navigate my way home.

Delta, who has always proven to offer me incredible service stumbled big time throughout the day. Ultimately, I know I was not the only person having troubles, and that Delta had a lot of irate people and tough situations to work through. However, I am the person in the moment on the other side of the desk and I deserve service in the same way the rest of those weary travelers do. I made it home, but felt sad to watch my chosen brand falter as they did. I’ll cover my experience with @DeltaAssist (a social monitoring service provided by Delta) as well as the usual and customary channels in another post.

If Delta had treated me with respect and clearly guided me to the correct and most logical next step, I’d have been a happy camper. I know things happen and I am a roll-with-the-punches type of gal. Instead, I was left to try to piece together the puzzle from the back of line after line with a cancelled plane full of other disgruntled folks. This is the definition of conflict.

The art of communication is the ability to connect what’s being conveyed with the unspoken details that are left out. This burden should not be handed to your customers. They’ll find it frustrating at best and will likely leave you in search of clarity and service.

What can you do today to improve your communication to your customers? What opportunity do you have to serve your customer the details they need to realize your love for them and to deepen their love for you? If you can’t see any room for improvement, ask someone you trust. Then listen. It really makes all the difference in the world. An investment in this type of service and transparency from the top down with clear guidance on the “HOW” is directly tied to your Customer’s loyalty, lifetime value, and overall likelihood to promote what you’re selling. Plus, it just feels harmonious to give great service.

It’s all about communication. In fact it’s ONLY about communication.

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It’s Good To Be The King (so I’ve been told) Dreamforce 2009 Edition

Well, Marc Benioff is the KING of CRM. I mean, we knew that. CRM Magazine this month is essentially devoted to, Marc B, and the Cloud. So I know that the world is into this stuff.

But at home, in my organization, we’re struggling with embracing best practice from the top down and this year my mind is reeling with the “how do I overcomes” and the “how can we prioritize when every project is vital-s”.


So here’s the rub: I love this stuff. You know I do. For no damn good reason other than passion I’ve devoted my brain power, sweat equity, sleep-time, and creativity to the idea of enterprise-wide CRM for oodles of years. So failure (which is anythin less than resounding success) is not an option.

I am here to win. My team is being raised up to SLAY our competition, wow our clients, and offer our current and future customers a service and sales experience that will continue to set up apart as the best at what we do.

So why are so many of our user groups not happy? This week, I’ll be mini-blogging my heart out to finally examine this question and framing up the answer – whatever it may be. This is a pre-post to a series of honest ramblings, it’s the only way I’m going to get it done and I do feel it’s gotta be said. Let the chips fall where they may and my hope is that I emerge cleansed and revitalized and creatively poised to astound our customers.

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Budget Season is upon us…

CRM people, what say you? Are you finding your role is expanded in the organization? I am. In this way: in that 2009 is the year of “More with Less”. CRM process engineers have spent the year resolving poorly structured initiatives in sleek, elegant, cheap ways. These redesigns either measure our results in actionable ways or directly add to the bottom line. Read: Efficiency Builders.
I shared the Project Triangle with the folks on my team this year. Some of them had never seen it before but all of them understoon the truth of it. You. Must. Pick. Two.

Cheap and Fast (Never Good)
Cheap and Good (Never Fast)
Good and Fast (Never Cheap)

Frustrating as ever to the Exec layer, to be sure, is the fact that to produce good stuff, you can’t escape from the truth of the Project Triangle.  Hey, I’m all for Agile development, so understand that when I say “Fast”, I mean unrealistic compression to timeline of a project to appease an executive’s “deadline”. You reap what you sow, ya’all!

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