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5 #DF14 Resources (my short – and in no way comprehensive – list)

What 5 resources should I have in my digital back pocket as #DF14 gets underway?Give Back at Dreamforce 14

I thought you’d never ask! Here are 5 things I’d recommend to anyone (especially my nonprofit and higher ed brethren) interested in staying looped in at Dreamforce 14.

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Dreamforce 14: It’s All In The Shoes.

My #DF14 ProTips? Well, there are only two that count:Pretty Much Perfect


If you heed these two items, it’s pretty much a given that your Dreamforce experience will be epic. With over 100,000 thousand people converging to talk about the future of how we do just about everything, if you don’t make new connections with both people and ideas, it’s not due to lack of opportunity.

The event campus is bigger than ever (to say the least) and you will absolutely be wowed at each venue. For my nonprofit and Higher Ed folks, you’ve got more session content to choose from this year, and a dedicated zone in the Marriott Marquis to hang with your community. Branching out, though, is still a tremendous way to get food for thought and get your creative juices flowing.

  • The Foundation Zone is in the Marriott Marquis (campus map below in resources – AND in the Dreamforce App) – this is where you’ll find tons of Nonprofit-centric content and community, as well as Circles of Success (small moderated group discussions) and the Foundation Theater. Don’t miss our Nonprofit Kickoff  which takes place Monday at 1:15PM – 2:15PM in the Marriott Marquis Golden Gate (Rooms A, B).  Dollars to Donuts (is that still a thing?), this is a great place to find me, the N Nonprofit and Higher Ed community, and a ton of other folks from the Foundation team.
  • The Palace Hotel is the home for all things Marketing Cloud, where you will likely geek out for an extended period of time. This is likely the OTHER place I’ll be hanging at #DF14. There is SO. MUCH. NEW. in the Marketing Cloud world this year, don’t miss the opportunity to get in front of ALL the demo screens you can!

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Find ME (AND some stellar sessions, to boot) at #DF14

 I’d love to Fist Bump with you at Dreamforce!

Here 996704_10152096401794231_221032568_n (2)are the places I KNOW I’ll be, and other than that, check my Foursquare

Dreamforce is such an awesome opportunity to meet people in real life. Every year I’m lucky enough to meet people who I know digitally but have never had the chance to see “in the world”. As attendance has exploded over the years, it gets harder and harder to be in the right place at the right time. My Dreamforce goal this year is to connect with as many people as possible – if only to fist bump and move on to the next amazing event!


I mean it, let’s connect “In Real Life” @Dreamforce


Foundation Zone: Nonprofit / Higher Ed Circles of Success – Getting Started with Salesforce[Nonprofit, Higher Ed] Monday, 10/13 9:00AM – 10:00AM Marriott Marquis, Foundation Zone Session Abstract: Wondering where to look for prescriptive guidance on deploying Salesforce? Struggling to figure out where to start and what questions to ask to ensure you don’t go down the wrong path?  This Circle of Success is your first stop! Foundation Circles of Success sessions run throughout Dreamforce during the Foundation Zone hours and walk-ups will be accommodated wherever possible.  

Foundation Zone: Nonprofit Kickoff [Nonprofit] Monday, 10/13 1:15PM – 2:15PM Marriott Marquis, Golden Gate A,B Session Abstract: Learn how the leading innovators are driving impact, and engaging supporters by connecting with constituents in powerful new ways. By leveraging social, mobile, and cloud strategies, these early adopters are disrupting the status quo and revolutionizing how they connect their donors, staff, volunteers, and programs to accelerate social good. We’ll feature some of the most inspiring and innovative game changers in the sector.

Foundation Zone: Higher Ed Kickoff [Nonprofit] Monday, 10/13 3:00PM – 4:00PM Marriott Marquis, Golden Gate A,B Session Abstract: Learn how the leading innovators are transforming higher education across the student lifecycle by connecting with constituents in powerful new ways. By leveraging social, mobile, and cloud strategies, these early adopters are disrupting the status quo and revolutionizing how they connect their students, faculty, staff, alumni, and corporations, leading to accelerated and scaled change. Multiple success stories will be featured.


Foundation Zone: Share Your Story: [Nonprofit, Higher Ed] Tuesday, 10/14 9:00AM – 11:00AM Marriott Marquis, Foundation Zone Share YOUR organization’s success with all of Dreamforce (and beyond)! This feature is open throughout Dreamforce during the Foundation Zone hours.

 Understand the Power of Social with The American Red Cross: B2B, B2C, Nonprofit, Higher Ed] Tuesday, 10/14 11AM-11:40AM Palace Hotel, Twin Peaks The Red Cross built a Digital Operations Center and a command center dedicated to monitoring and staying in touch with the public using social channels. The innovative center uses the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud to listen to social media conversations—gathering invaluable information during a disaster, or monitoring public preparedness for a serious situation.

Data gathered in the Digital Operations Center can also help determine where to position workers on the ground. ARC started with a centralized, national social listening program. They are now working to “decentralize” the program, in order to empower regions across the country to harness the listening power and standards of practice they have developed. Their goal is not  only to strengthen the work already happening at headquarters, but to also enable the regions to become more effective leaders in the digital space.  Join us to learn how you can do the same in your organization. Join Kristiana Almeida of the Red Cross to hear their journey and accelerate yours!

The Concert For Kids: Presented by Salesforce.com Foundation (and after party!): Tuesday, 10/14 8PM-1AM City Hall & Civic Center Plaza A benefit in conjunction with the Dreamforce Gala [All Attendees] Bruno Mars, Cake, and all of us. In a word, PHENOMENAL. In another couple of words: BENEFITING KIDS.


Leveraging Next-Gen Marketing Automation Tools in Higher Ed: [Higher Ed] Wednesday, 10/15 1:00PM-1:40PM Palace Hotel, Twin Peaks By providing meaningful and relevant messages, you can create rich life-long relationships with your students, alumni, and donors. Join us to learn how you can unlock Salesforce CRM data to engage your customers with the right message, through the right channels, at the right time by leveraging the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud.

Smith College will share how they are using Salesforce CRM with the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud to improve communications, increase marketing efficiency, and track results. You’ll leave this session inspired to create stronger, more meaningful connections with your constituents!

Engaging Your Supporters on Social[B2B, B2C, Nonprofit, Higher Ed] Wednesday, 4:00PM – 4:40PM Marriott Marquis, Club Room There are over 4.5 Billion aggregate social users and that number grows every day. Join us as one of the leading game changers in the nonprofit sector show you how they’re driving engagement on social channels for their organization.

Stephanie Startz, Associate Director, Digital Strategy at The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, will present on the benefits of using social media to reach the Parkinson’s community. She’ll  provide an overview of the MJFF strategy and tools they use to power their mission, including a dive into the tactics that have proven successful on their social channels.

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Keeping up on Ze Twitters @Dreamforce

Yes, there are a TON of Dreamforce-related Twitter hashtags and handles…

…but these are the biggies. If you keep up with these hashtags and handles, you will MORE than stay in the know!


  • @CRMjen:  (Yep, this is my Twitter handle) Not that my handle is necessarily a top ‘Twitter @Dreamforce’ resource, BUT I’d love to connect with you @Dreamforce and Twitter is a GREAT way to make that connection happen!
  • #DF14: THE official Dreamforce 14 hashtag
  • #DFGivesTHE official hashtag of the One Million Meals Dreamforce Community food drive
  • #DFCoS: Official Dreamforce Circles of Success tweetstakes hashtag.You can win some pretty snazzy prizes  (right up to a premium #DF14 pass) just for sharing packing tips. I mean, why even think about it? Tweet to win? Yes, please.  
  • #DF14NGO: For all things Nonprofit at Dreamforce 14, use this hashtag!
  • #DFHED: Stay in touch with the Higher Ed crowd at Dreamforce 14 by searching for and Tweeting with this hashtag.
  • @Dreamforce: Official Dreamforce Tweets
  • @SFDCFoundation: Official Salesforce Foundation handle.
  • @Salesforce: Official Salesforce handle for the host of this shindig
  • @ExacttargetOfficial ExactTarget Marketing Cloud handle

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The New Way to Socialize at Dreamforce 2014

You know what? I’m with Mr. Mark Ross AND Harvard on this one. The (un)official greeting of Dreamforce 2014 *should* be the Fist Bump!

The Swamps of Salesforce-Dagobah

Influenza. Enterovirus. Ebola.

Ok, come back, it’s alright. Just reading the names won’t make you sick, alright?

It’s no secret that 2014 has been a bit of a banner year for infectious disease. And, not to scare anybody, but a LOT of us are about to all gather in a location with 150,000 other people from around the world, all at the same time. I don’t know about you, but that gives me just a liiiiittle pause.

But there is a solution! And it is a good one. Recently, the Harvard Medical School published its findings on the nature of hand-to-hand communications, and the likelihood of transmission of diseases in its different forms. The short version: fist bumps are a safer and cleaner alternative to handshakes.

That’s right, you read correctly. Harvard has officially stated that we should all be fist bumping.


Absurd as it sounds, there is a very…

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