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Budget Season is upon us…

CRM people, what say you? Are you finding your role is expanded in the organization? I am. In this way: in that 2009 is the year of “More with Less”. CRM process engineers have spent the year resolving poorly structured initiatives in sleek, elegant, cheap ways. These redesigns either measure our results in actionable ways or directly add to the bottom line. Read: Efficiency Builders.
I shared the Project Triangle with the folks on my team this year. Some of them had never seen it before but all of them understoon the truth of it. You. Must. Pick. Two.

Cheap and Fast (Never Good)
Cheap and Good (Never Fast)
Good and Fast (Never Cheap)

Frustrating as ever to the Exec layer, to be sure, is the fact that to produce good stuff, you can’t escape from the truth of the Project Triangle.  Hey, I’m all for Agile development, so understand that when I say “Fast”, I mean unrealistic compression to timeline of a project to appease an executive’s “deadline”. You reap what you sow, ya’all!

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