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Hello From the Clouds…Dreamforce 2008 Kicks Off!

Cheering Clouds
Cheering Clouds

Okay, so the first night of Dreamforce was fabulous!

Cheering clouds, the Genius Zone, and creative excitement all over the place. We (finally) had the chance to meet our long suffering premier support rep in person, and have already double- and triple-booked our time for the next three days and nights.


Weird Dreamforce occurrence of the night? Cheering Clouds. Fabulous takeaways from the first day? There are solutions to our puzzles, there are answers all over this place – apart from the vendors, our peers and the Salesforce.com employees are on hand everywhere you look – the vibe is helpful, enthusiastic optimism.

After the orientation, we moved on to the GeniusZone. This is where Salesforce.com has tons of support reps and product specialists at the ready to help figure our issues out.

Day One results? We’re engaging with the Global User Group when Dreamforce is over for ongoing community-building – with other users who have the same types of issues we do (and have been there, done that and moved on with answers in hand). I also got some fabulous NEW ideas for our merge and data quality issues.

One of the most important lessons of Day One: We are not alone. There are people here from all over the world with lessons learned and ideas to share, and they’re as excited to share as they are to learn more.

All in all: the mood is POSITIVELY FIRED UP!

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