Clemson Welcomes Jennifer Phillips, 2014

Clemson Welcomes Jennifer Phillips, 2014

Sometimes things just hit you. This time was one of those times. Clemson has vision, tenacity, intense pride and creativity, and some of the best damn ice cream (made from Clemson cows, no less)! And as you can see, they are incredible hosts!


One of the perks of of a previous job was working out of the Honolulu office every once in a while. I took this shot on my first visit from the window of the conference room we barricaded ourselves into for 12 hour days and too much pizza delivery.

The striking thing about that trip was that I couldn’t ignore the rainbows and the Honolulu folk didn’t notice them at all (by and large).  I suppose it’d kill productivity if, at every new rainbow’s appearance, the entire office staff had to take an “appreciation break”.

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. ” — Jack London

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