MAY is focus on Metrics Month

Oh Deer“Metrics Month” … Does that sound boring?

Well, it shouldn’t. For social / digital practitioners, being able to show the “so what” should be a driving, unflappable, and overarching focus. Yes, yes…being able to do so justifies your existence (for one). But more importantly, it gives your organization clear direction on room to grow, informs your iteration planning, and places the expectation that your efforts must drive impact – and that you’re not afraid to pony up the proof.

I’ve been running around these United States all year talking the #SocialGood talk with customers, analysts, and colleagues – anyone who will listen, really….and here’s the theme: how do we measure the IMPACT of social? I really like the Mobilization Lab post week about moving #BeyondVanityMetrics which is focused on a plan of action for those of us interested in more than Likes and follower counts (and that should be ALL OF US *ahem*).

To that end, I’m spending time working with customers – a ton of them – focusing on why measures matter. For homework, I’ve highly recommend they read the Mobilization Lab piece. You should, too. And think all the while about your currentHi Mom social metrics – and what value knowing the measures delivers to your impact capabilities. If you’re thinking right about now, “What measures? What report?” know that you’re 1) not alone and 2) out of time.

Until then, please share this post, the MobLab post, follow MobLab on the Tweets, and say hello to your Mother for me. 

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